Scuttler 02...

Nathan tore through the rest of his LEGO Batman Scuttler build like it was going out of style. He actually finished this on Monday and has since been playing the LEGO DC Super Villains game on the Switch, but that’s another story for another day.

He also tried something else he’d never done before... applying his own stickers. He has always had me do that. Not anymore it would seem.


Check this beast out. And he did it all himself. 





I am damned impressed. 

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Apr 2
Remember Cougar Town? Remember Scrubs before that? Remember when Cougar Town and Scrubs merged for a few brief, glorious minutes? That was fun.
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Apr 4
While waiting for a dinner pickup tonight, I went for a walk through the deserted streets of Geneva, IL, our hometown. This is how it looked... Saturday night. So sad. And it could’ve all been prevented. If not for stupid...


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Suzanne Apgar

WOW!! Just like his daddy!!



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