Macro Monday 2020.14...


A week or so ago, I saw some headline on the web touting how you can use old tech and gadgets to make for a better work-from-home experience. Despite suspecting it was clickbait, I clicked on it. I couldn’t help myself. 

Turned out to be a rather useless article overall save for one item that promised to allow you to turn an old iPad (or other tablet) into a secondary monitor for your laptop. 


Apparently, using Mac, you need to activate Sidecar and then connect your iPad to your MBP with a USB cable. Or, in my case, a dock connector USB cable plugged into a USB-C converter dongle into my MBP. Stupid design choice, Apple. 

I digress.

I looked into the app with great excitement only to have my hopes dashed when I discovered that the oldest ipad that Sidecar can function with is generation 6. That’s old, in tech terms, but not nearly old enough to help me with my gen 2.

Alas, my dead tech remains dead. 

Have any of you tried this? Either with an iPad or an Android tablet? How did it work out for you?


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I have a monitor I am trying to connect to my laptop. Finally got the right cable, but I can't seem to get the laptop to recognize the monitor, and I am tech stupid.


Mac or Windows?

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