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Tonight was the reunion of the cast of Parks and Recreation for a charity special. Preceding that special was a clip show sponsored by the Paley Center.


Much like anything else that is airing in the age of Coronavirus that wasn’t taped proof to mid-March, the show was presented as a series of video conference call windows on screen. In the midst of the segments of the shows were “commercials” by various Pawnee, Indiana, business owners.

It wasn’t absolutely everything I’d hoped for (my expectations were pretty high) but it hit a lot of high notes and was still a lot of fun and Katie and I enjoyed it and will probably watch it several more times before it expires from our DVR.

Did you watch it? Thoughts?

🎵 Maybe some day we’ll saddle up again. 🎶


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I was just discussing this with my friend and I said I was impressed how effortlessly everyone dropped back into character and made it feel like a regular Parks and Rec episode despite everyone being in separate locales. I really enjoyed the fake commercials too, especially Jam Orthodontics. I heard they raised $2 mil for Feeding America which is awesome.


Jamm Ortho was my favorite, too. I was pretty impressed with how they figured out how to explain away the “distance” between two people in the same relationship. Andy locking himself in a shed was great.

Marty Mankins

I did not watch the special, barely starting to watch the 7 seasons of P&R (my wife binge watches various shows and I pass by and sit down for some of the episodes). I guess I should go watch this special here soon.


You should really watch the show. It’s pretty great. 

Marty Mankins

I've seen various episodes from S3, S5 and S6. I just need to start from the beginning.


And be forgiving of the first couple episodes. They’re a little rough. But still good. 

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