5,000 what exactly?


5,000 posts. Yes, this is my 5,000th post on this blog. 

Posts haven’t happened every day. If that were the case, in my more than 22 years writing here, I’d have written 8,085 times, but 5,000 is still pretty darn good. And I’ve been penning some sort of tripe here every day since August 18, 2014. 

Seriously, though, thanks go to all of you who are still reading. Whether you’ve been here since day 1 on March 15, 1998, or today is your first foray into my mindlessness, thank you. 

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May 2
You know those images you see (or maybe situations you experience firsthand) where exercise equipment used for storage or a clothes hanger or, well, anything other than as exercise equipment? [image courtesy of sunshinegorilla.com] I realized today, while working on...
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Macro Monday 2020.18...

May 4
Christa returns with the correct guess on last week’s #MiniMusicMonday of Mariah Carey. Woo! She’s now tied with her hubby, Steve... I think. Y’all are gonna make me count them up, aren’t you? What else should I say about this...


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Marty Mankins

Congrats on reaching 5000. I've got a ways to catch up at under 1200 posts over at BL.


You can do it!!!

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