Like anybody else, we had plans for the long weekend. But we actually got some of it done!

We finished basically all the work on Nathan’s updated “big boy” bedroom. We’ve moved a lot of stuff back in and found homes for it. Once it’s all 100% in place, I’ll snap some photos and share. 

Finishing that will mean that his bathroom that we finished renovating a couple months ago will finally be cleared out so I can take photos and post them. 

And, lastly, we finished work on an outdoor bench for our front entryway. This will serve as a home to some plants and gnomes. We’re pretty proud of it. 


I was told this image makes it look tiny. Like dollhouse tiny. So I have a second picture of it in context a little further down.


Here’s a detailed shot of the finished wood and paint texture. We stained it and covered it in three layers of chalk paint (white, black, turquoise) before roughing it up with a power sander and polyurethaning it. It makes for great iPhone wallpaper, too!


Here’s that context shot of the bench with plants and gnomes beside our front door. 

If you’d like to try this one yourself, the pattern and instructions can be found at

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Ah yes, this makes my confused brain happy, thank you! It looks great by the way!


I wasn’t gonna call you out. And thanks! 

Kevin Spencer

That bench is fantastic.


Thanks, man!

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