I wish I could focus on the cool stuff that happened today, like Falcon 9 successfully going to space and whatever else. But I cannot.

Why not? Because this sort of shit is happening across the U.S. right now. Live. 

I suppose maintaining somewhat of a sense of humor is all we’ve got left right now.


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May 29
NATHAN FINALLY LEARNED TO RIDE HIS BIKE!! (It was actually a few weeks ago that this happened. I finally got off my butt and finished editing it.)
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May 31
And, with the click of a button in an email, our summer cruise is 100% canceled. It was announced a week or two ago that the cruise wasn’t gonna happen due to Coronavirus. And tonight I clicked a button in...


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Suzanne Apgar

There's going to be a protest in the industrial park behind Carillon later today. Hope no one tries to cause problems here. I am appalled at what has been going on in the cities throughout the us, especially Chicago. So stupid and totally unnecessary and on the heels of the Covid-19 lockdown.


How’d the protest go?

Kevin Spencer

Saturday was such a roller-coaster of emotion. The highs of the Dragon launch, the lows of pretty much the country imploding.


How messed up was that??

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