Macro Monday 2020.22...


And, with the click of a button in an email, our summer cruise is 100% canceled. 

It was announced a week or two ago that the cruise wasn’t gonna happen due to Coronavirus. And tonight I clicked a button in an email from Travelocity to cancel the flight we were gonna take to Florida to bird the cruise ship. 

It was that simple. Seriously!


Click a button and our reservation was instantly canceled and we received a credit for the total cost of our tickets to be used at a later date on the airline. Ah, technology! 

Who knows where we’ll go or when, but it’s there. And I’m glad it is. 

Maybe we’ll use it to flee the dumpster fire that this country is quickly becoming. 

I keed! I keed! 

I think. 


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Kevin Spencer

Our summer trip to England was cancelled today when British Airways cancelled our flights. So I feel you man. Expected it wasn't gonna happen, because how could it really? But still a gut punch to see it in black and white.


Nothing quite like having it laid out for you to make it real.

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