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For his birthday last year, a friend gave Nathan a toy rocket. It’s not like the old dry fuel rockets I played with as a kid. More like a rocket jet with a tail propeller attached to a USB-charged motor.

I wasn’t sure how well it would work but we took it to the park a couple weeks ago and gave it a shot. Here are the results...

It was fun. And I can’t wait to try some dry fuel Estes rockets with him in the near future. 

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May 8
Remember me saying I was likely going to pay for that 4.5 mile walk I took yesterday? Well, it didn't happen right away, but it did happen. The pain reared its ugly head after I took a second 4.5 mile...
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May 10
Happy Mother’s Day, y’all! There are many moms in my life and they’re all important to me and I hope you had a great day. But I do need to call out one in particular... We love you, hon!


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Suzanne Apgar

The first couple of attempts reminded me of a fish flapping around on the deck of a ship!! Glad Nate didn't give up. The last couple tries looked great!! Way to go Nathan!!


The flapping around was hilarious. Nathan bent over to grab one and it started doing that and he jumped back a little. Pretty funny.

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