Got this in my inbox this afternoon much to my surprise...


Yup! 31 years ago today was apparently my Board of Review after which I was officially declared an Eagle Scout. 

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is no small feat — all of the troop meetings, campouts, merit badges, hours of service, and so much more! So we wanted to once again congratulate you on your achievement.

We trust you carry the fine ideals of Scouting in all that you do. Thank you for continuing to make a positive difference in your family, in your career, and in your duty to God and country.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of the work I did to become an Eagle Scout. I’m just not necessarily proud of the organization with which I did it. Their blatant anti-LGBTQ stance is something I just can’t stand behind. And considering they declared bankruptcy earlier this year, I don’t think I’m in the minority on this one. 


I was never tight with my troop. It was my second troop as a result of moving to Illinois from Connecticut. I never quite connected with anyone here and don’t really recall having any friends in the troop. I wasn’t in school with any of them. I doubt I was even in the same school district with most of them. I don’t even remember my Scoutmaster’s name or my troop number, though they’d be easy to figure out if I cared to do so. So, no, I won’t do either of the first two. 

Of course, in the third, they had to monetize how proud they are of me. Even with all the solicitations they send me regularly for cash, they couldn’t leave this one alone and let it just be a “celebration,” could they?

Oh well, happy 31 years to me. 

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Suzanne Apgar

I'm glad that you are at least proud of your accomplishment, as well you should be. I understand why you are anti-scouting, and I feel the same about organizations that deny equal treatment to all people. Happy 31st, Kev!!



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