A dozen Fresh Donuts for breakfast that, upon recounting, turned out to be a baker’s dozen (we only ate half).


Got Nathan a much-overdue haircut.


A six-mile bike ride for all three of us. This was Nathan’s first distance ride and he rocked it. 


Lunch at McDonald’s.

Ran some errands.

Came home and cleaned up a little. 

Made a couple homemade pizzas. One cheese for Nathan and a BBQ chicken for Katie and me. And I’m still firmly supporting Chicago craft breweries.


Watched Sing.

Got Nathan down to bed way easily. 

Watching Rocketman. We like Taron Egerton in this house, it would seem.

I’m not a fan of doing daily recap posts but this was a particularly good day and as I’m 10 minutes from it ending, I needed to post something. 

Forgive me?

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Jun 12
I realized something the other day... I need to buy new underwear. Not just to replace one or two pairs. Like, most of them. They’re ancient. Ugh. I hate shopping for underwear. It’s the worst.
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Jun 14
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Suzanne Apgar

That's great!! Way to go Nate!!

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