TBT: Dash...
Jaws 45...


Yes, Apple TV+, I will watch Greyhound when it comes out on July 10! Really, I promise! Hey, it’s Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, WWII, and submarines. How could I not watch it??


Now will you please stop forcing me to watch the entirety of your 2:36 trailer with every episode of Baby Daddy we watch on Hulu? Please??

Make it end!!!


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Suzanne Apgar

Please invite us over. We want to watch it too!!

Kevin Spencer

This sounds great. Because of new iDevices purchased at the end of last year, we got the 12 months of Apple TV+ for free. I was wondering what to do when the subscription rolls around. I must admit with the exception of The Morning Show, and For All Mankind, I'd been slightly underwhelmed with the content. So good to know there's more good stuff around the corner.

Anything else on Apple TV+ you've been watching that you think might be my cup o' tea?


Funny you ask because I’ve actually watched less on Apple TV + than you. We still have to finish The Morning Show and I haven’t jumped into For All Mankind yet. And, to be honest, I’m not sure we’ve used it for anything else at all. But I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be watching Isaac Asimov’s Foundation  next year when it comes out. Long time to wait, though. 

Gary LaPointe

Yeah, I’ve already added it to my Up Next list.

You haven’t watched amazing stories? A couple of them are pretty fun.


I just discovered a day or two ago that Amazing Stories exists. Gotta see if my wife would be interested. 

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