Jaws 45...

45 years ago today saw the release of one of my favorite films of all time. One of those movies that truly affected my life, be it for better or for worse. 

That movie is Jaws. And, while 45 years sounds old, it’s still half a year younger than me.


I love watching this film for so many reasons: The terror of not knowing what is in the water just under the surface. Seeing a ragtag group of people come together to protect their town. Viewing the sheer incompetence of politicians on full display. Pondering the agony of loss as it’s etched on the face of a parent. 

And never being able to treat a beach trip the same way ever again. 

It is proof that true suspense is the best horror ever, not this garbage torture porn that has ravaged the genre.

I cannot get enough of this film. It never gets old. It is filmmaking perfection that holds up even to this day. 


I really want this coin


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Kazza the Blank One

And John Williams

Kevin Spencer

I think you nailed what makes this movie hold up all these years later. The effects have not really stood the test of time well, but oh boy did Spielberg ever get the suspense and foreboding right. I know how this movie ends and I still have an edge-of-my-seat feeling while watching it.


The effects are what make it so great, they’re so minimal. By necessity, they showed the shark as little as humanly possible and that wound up making it better. But, yes, when you actually see the shark, it can be a little cheesy. But I’ll take it over how poorly modern FX and CG have aged. 

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