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Shuffle v2.1...

Jun 11
First off, yes, I was able to successfully charge my iPod Shuffle. Based on the first 10 or so tracks, I was really digging on Beck when I last synced it up. I can handle that. Combine that with my...
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Jun 13
A dozen Fresh Donuts for breakfast that, upon recounting, turned out to be a baker’s dozen (we only ate half). Got Nathan a much-overdue haircut. A six-mile bike ride for all three of us. This was Nathan’s first distance ride...


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Kazza the Blank One

I read somewhere about some economist who could assess the state of the economy purely by the sales of men's underwear. I'll have to dig it up it was an interesting idea.

Kevin Spencer

The magic underwear fairly just places new ones in my drawer every year. Or my wife. Yeah, could just be my wife.

But I’m with you, I would rather club my own kneecaps than have to go buy underwear.


I want an underwear fairy. 

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