Kevism: Muted...

One thing I hate doing that I’ve only done on rare occasion is to unfollow or mute or otherwise hide a person from my timeline on social media. Usually l can tolerate stupidity for a short time knowing that this too shall pass. Well, it wasn’t happening with a certain somebody and their conservative ranting peaked today and resulted in me muting this person from my timeline. I didn’t go so far as to unfollow them. Not yet, anyway. We’ll see what happens when November passes. Assuming things go my way, that is. 

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TBT: Cruise...

Jun 18
Seeing that the three of us would be on a cruise right now had COVID-19 not happened, howsabout I torture myself with some photos from the last time we were on a cruise 6.5 years ago...
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Jun 20
I need two cans of the Pamplemousse LaCroix... I need that filled with Johnnie Walker Blue and CBD oil. And thus begins an evening of watching Long Shot with Katie for like the third time. We love this movie.


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Kazza the Blank One

Let's see if I'm muted ;)
This is a new windows 10 laptop with Edge
never been to your site on this computer...

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