I need your opinion.

Take a look at the links under my headshot in the right column (bottom of the page if you're looking at this on mobile)...

Do you prefer my list of external links be listed as icons or do you like that Linktree link that takes you to a comprehensive list?


Some pros and cons of both options:

  • Icon Links
    • Pros - Pretty; right here on my site (no additional click)
    • Cons - Limited by the graphics that are available (can't really create more custom links without coding this whole block by hand); can't update on mobile (Typepad doesn't make this block editable on mobile devices where I spend most of my blogging time)
  • Linktree
    • Pros - Can add any link I want very easily even on mobile; minimalist design means it loads very quickly; I use the same Linktree list on my social media accounts = consistency of links
    • Cons - Extra click to get to; almost too minimalist (adding icons or more comprehensive styling requires paid subscription to Linktree); could go away at any time being a third-party service

What do you all think? 

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Jun 23
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