I’ve had a hit or miss relationship with home automation technology. I loved and then hated our WiFi outlets, I love our Nest camera/doorbell, I love our Nest thermostat, I worship our Roomba vacuum, I could care less about our Echo voice assistants.

But our new MyQ garage door opener? This thing is waaaaayyy cool! 

We had wanted to get an app-based option for our garage door opener when we got a new opener a couple years ago but it added an extra $100 to the cost of our Chamberlain. So we opted against it. The one we got was still capable of being linked to a MyQ system down the line if we were still interested. 

Then we saw the module a couple months ago when it was on sale for $30 at Menards. But I hesitated installing it because I kept thinking we would switch ISPs and, we’ll, it just hasn’t happened. So we went ahead and installed the equipment a couple weekends ago. 

It is so cool because we get notifications when it’s active and for how long it’s been in its current state...


we have a history of its activity whether controlled by app or traditional opener...


And if we ever leave our door open, we no longer have to come home and close it or call our neighbors and hope they’re home and can help (and give them our pinpad code). We can just open the app and see if it’s open or closed and resolve the situation. 

This is so cool. I love it. I can’t believe we waited so long to do it. 


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That’s pretty cool! Just out of curiosity, how often have you forgotten to close it?


Not very often. We usually caught ourselves and turned around. One time it stayed open until we got home. You?

Gary LaPointe

Congratulations! It's stopped me from turning around more than few times too.

If it's like mine, I can schedule it to close at certain times: I have mine set for 8:30 am, when I should be gone for work already and midnight, just in case I forgot to close it. What I want is if it's been open for 30 minutes to auto-close (it gives you more than enough warning to stop it) but I don't see that. How is it safe to close it as a certain time, but not after being open for a while?

Amazon can leave deliveries inside the garage too!

On the web (and this might be particular to my model, since it's at Liftmaster's site) I can set some alerts if it's been left open for a certain amount of time, so I get an alert and e-mail if it's been open for >30 minutes.

Enjoy your new toy!


Mine does allow scheduling that I haven’t yet set up mostly because I don’t have a truly regular schedule especially with me WFH exclusively now. And, so far as I can tell, I also cannot schedule an auto-shut. I was surprised by that because it only makes sense to be able to do that. Weird.

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