Kids can be such little assholes.

Nathan has done a fantastic job over the course of the last year learning to read. He's great at it! And, for a while, he was very proud of himself and enjoyed doing it.

But, lately, he's been pushing back when we try to get him to read to us. If it wasn't something directly assigned to him by his teacher as homework, he's done everything to get out of doing it for us. He strongly prefers we read to him.

Tonight, Katie asked him why. He told her that a kid at his afterschool care program at his school was teasing him as he sat there reading one day, telling him that the book he was reading was "for babies." Of course the kid is a fifth grader while Nathan was only a first grader. So Nathan is a really easy target. But, since when doesn't bullying rely on taking advantage of "easy targets"?

Katie took some time talking to him and convincing him that the books he reads are not "baby books" and are perfect for his grade in school. I chimed in a bit as well. We think he's feeling better about it and he followed it up by reading half a chapter of a book that Katie and I are reading to him.

At the very least, he's had a couple months away from the afterschool program with a few more forthcoming because of summer break. And who knows what the heck will happen with the fall semester. So we can work with him on reading and comprehension so he can be that much more confident. Translation: Not give a flying fuck about the kid who was teasing him.

The other bonus is that the kid teasing him will soon be a small fish in the middle school lake. 


Just remember something, kid, karma's a bitch.

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Suzanne Apgar

I'm sure you've heard me say this many, many times, but children are the meanest creatures on the face of this earth. Nathan will have the same problems you had in elementary school. He is a boy who looks much older than his young years and older kids are too stupid to realize the difference. You should ask someone at his school if there is a good comeback when that happens again, and it will...unfortunately. I love that he is so sweet and considerate, but he needs to toughen up or he will really get hurt. You two are doing a great job of parenting, so just keep up the good work. Believe me, you will hurt just like Nate when this happens. I think these bullies are the younger version of the assholes who are demonstrating and looting, or shitting on the upturned vehicles.


I want him to develop a tougher skin but I don’t want him to fight. With zero tolerance policies everywhere, he’ll be expelled even if it’s self defense. If he’s even perceived to be fighting, he’s out. And there’s little recourse anymore. School has changed a lot.

Suzanne Apgar

He can be tough without resorting to fighting. That's why he needs to find something to say that will shut the little brats up. If he doesn't, he will have a miserable time.

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