Shuffle v2...
Kevism: Holey...

Shuffle v2.1...

First off, yes, I was able to successfully charge my iPod Shuffle. Based on the first 10 or so tracks, I was really digging on Beck when I last synced it up.

I can handle that. Combine that with my 1st generation iPod Shuffle loaded with a ton of Pearl Jam and I’ve got Spotify-free entertainment for a while. 

Funny thing, though... when I showed Katie my Shuffle and the charger and told her I was going to find out what was on it, she said, “Don’t you wanna know what’s on my green one?”

Her whaaaaa??

What I clearly forgot over the years was she had a green 2nd generation Shuffle of her own. And she knew where it was. 

So she broke it out today and it’s charging right now.


I really can’t wait to hear what’s on it. 

What would be cool would be if I could hack one and put an Audible book on it. I’d love to have a lighter-weight device for my morning walks. I don’t see that happening, though. 

The stuff we all keep, amirite?


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Kevin Spencer

I miss the good old days of iPod/iTunes and actual files. Especially when you want to listen to an album by a band but Spotify doesn’t have half their back catalogue because licensing and record companies.

On the other hand, holy shit we’ve got access to more music than we could ever listen to in our lifetime.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s complicated.


Basically, there’s a time and a place for everything musically. 

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