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Jun 17
I'm fairly certain my son doesn't trust me. Not one iota. Today, I had my little Lagunitas jar/glass filled with ice and an unidentified liquid. When he came out in the kitchen, which has become my de-facto office during the...
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Kevism: Muted...

Jun 19
One thing I hate doing that I’ve only done on rare occasion is to unfollow or mute or otherwise hide a person from my timeline on social media. Usually l can tolerate stupidity for a short time knowing that this...


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Kazza the Blank One

You went to St Lucia!! And St Kitts maybe?

Kazza the Blank One

Let's try this in Edge..
You went to St Lucia! And maybe St Kitts?


Those pics are fantastic. The sunset one is wonderful.


Thanks! *sniffle*

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