Tu(n)esday: VirtualFest...

Given the plethora of free entertainment that's been made available during this pandemic, it's shocking how little of it I've taken part in. Even the live music that everyone and their mother is streaming. 

But this one I think I may have to check out. Y'see, The Roots are teaming with Michelle Obama to present a virtual music festival on June 27 featuring the likes of The Roots, SZA, and H.E.R., among many others. This festival will stream live and for free via The Roots' YouTube Channel.

Sure, I've never heard of a majority of the artists taking part, but if there's one thing I know, it's that the members of The Roots and Michelle Obama have impeccable taste in music. 


[image courtesy of Pitchfork via Getty Images]

I think I'm going to have to tune in to the Roots Picnic. See ya there? 

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