Wow, so, um, I totally missed my 15-year Typepad blogiversary back on June 22. I’m blaming Coronavirus and an overall inability to keep track of dates. It is July, right? 

I’m also blaming my own personal blogiversary confusion. For years, I celebrated on June 22. Then I transferred over all my static HTML posts from my old site that dates back to June 15, 1998. Thus re-dating my blogiversary. [ed. note: I’m so messed up, I can’t even read dates correctly. My very first online journal entry was March 15, 1998. D’oh!]

Yeah, anyway, so let’s celebrate my 15th by going over to Kim’s site and celebrating her 15th, which is actually today. Legitimately. 


Oh, and if you got to her site from mine and wind up winning one of her celebratory gift cards, you can PayPal me the $7.50. K? Cool. 

Seriously, though, happy 15th, Blog-Daughter. 

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Thanks for the shoutout! :D I only remember my blogiversary because I have it in my calendar! LOL! You should celebrate in March and in June!


Double the blatant self promotion!!!! 

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