I woke up at about 2 a.m. because Nathan had crawled into bed with us and had kicked me.

I was lying in bed on my back, which I rarely am allowed to do because that’s when my snoring is at its worst. 

I had my t-shirt on, which I rarely do because I don’t like how tangled it gets. 

I had my head on top of two pillows, which I never do because it lifts my head so much I get a neck ache. 

I still had the TV on and was very tightly gripping both remote controls in my hands across my chest like an Academy Award statuette holding its sword. 

Lastly, my wedding ring was barely clinging to the last knuckle of my ring finger. This is notable because my ring is so tight on my finger that it has dug in and takes a lot of work to free.

I got up to get a drink, fixed my ring, and came back to find Nathan sprawled across my side of the bed.


So I went to his bed and slept. Lots of room there. 

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