Man, I’m really terrible at keeping up with these COVID Diary posts, aren't I? My goal was to get through 19 of them, for obvious reasons. At the rate things are going, I may still make that goal... even at a post every two months. Ugh. 

  • My office opened up a few weeks ago in a very limited capacity. You had to let our HR person know in advance you’d be coming in and that you’d commit to at least two days a week so that you could have an office dedicated to you and your work. No common space like our “living room” or the cubicles where my desk is currently located would be used. Conference rooms would become offices but for only one person.
  • I opted out. As much as I love and need the office, all the actual offices were immediately taken up by people who already had rights to those offices. So I’d have been placed in a conference room at the other end of the building. The reason I like going in is human interaction. I wouldn’t be getting that at the other end. 
  • The other, more obvious, reason is that Nathan is off school and at home so I have to be here with him since Katie has no choice but to work on site.
  • I’m going to pick up my personal effects from my office next week seeing as I’m not sure when I’ll be back in. My boss said I could also take some office supplies such as my standing desk adaptor and my external monitor for at-home use. Im not the only one doing this.
  • But to accommodate this new equipment, we will have to figure out a better situation for me at home. I’ve been working at the kitchen table for four months. And while I’ve gotten used to it, it’s not ideal. 
  • To that end, we may start shopping for new living room furniture that will be more space efficient so I can build a desk to use. Even after this pandemic is all over, I will likely work from home more often than not, so let’s make it work, right?
  • We will also be using this space for Nathan, I’m sure. We’ll need to have a better work space for him, too. 
  • Speaking of Nathan, we have no idea yet how school is going to play out for him next year. Will he be at school, at home, some part-time situation? Who knows?
  • We may need to buy him a new device, though, if he does do part or full-time tele-learning. I’m sure his iPad will work fine so long as his software needs don’t change but I have a feeling they will and who knows what compatibility issues will arise.
  • Of course this purchase is dependent upon need and as we have no word from the district, we have no idea what to shop for. 
  • This also means I really do need to pull the trigger on the jump to MetroNet. AT&T Uverse just ain’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been trying to make it work but I’m coming to my wit’s end with their service.
  • Does anyone truly believe the Coronavirus pandemic will be fixed by the fall or winter or spring or even next summer? Our government is delusional and dangerously irresponsible for making people believe this. And our populace is just too damned selfish and unwilling to do what needs to be done to properly resolve the situation.
  • The only way for anything to happen is for a lot more people to die. I hate to be such a cynic and pessimist but I see not other way. Everybody needs to know somebody who has died before any change will come. And, even then, I have my doubts. 

Is it the weekend yet? I’m losing track. 


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Suzanne Apgar

These are such uncertain times. We've never experienced anything like this, nor have you. Even the medical profession does not fully understand the situation. It's all one big guessing game and we are the pawns.


I said something the other day to a friend of mine. She was talking about her grandson getting a scholarship for classes at ISU, but that he would have to pay for room and board. I told her I looked for classes to be more and more online only, and that he could probably live at home. She seemed to think I was crazy for thinking this way.

I have been improving my home work situation little by little. It's still not ideal, but it works ok for me. What I really need is a different chair, but hate to commit to one without trying it out.


I believe I saw an article last week that half of all Ivy Leagues are going full virtual next year. You may want to look that up and forward her the link. As for office chairs, yeah, ugh, they’re as bad as shopping for beds and pillows. I don’t think I’ll get an office chair. I found that the one I used at work was really comfortable and, as a result, I was getting drowsy way too easily. Hence my quick and easy jump to the standing desk. But my kitchen table chairs and card table chairs do not have a similar effect at all. I’ve never once nearly fallen asleep in either of those. So I’ll probably stick to that. Just need a desk, though. 

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