Remember late last year when Katie bought me a bottle of single malt scotch as a combination birthday and anniversary gift? I had decided upon Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 because of a tasting in which I took part. 

As I expected, I was not disappointed. Not one iota. 

But now, after rationing that bottle as much as I could, I’m down to my final finger. And as much as I was willing to wait until the same time this year to get a new bottle, Katie said to go get one today. Especially since our neighbor gave me a 15% off coupon for a new Binny’s Beverage Depot (big chain liquor store here in Illinois) that opened a couple miles away. 

Go figure, though, that they were out of my CC14 and didn’t have the Portwood 21 I wanted to try. 

I asked a guy if he could check if more was in stock but not out. He looked and no. So I asked for his recommendation on an alternative. 

Turns out the guy I just happened across was the scotch and whiskey buyer for the whole chain. He asked some questions and got a feel for my tastes and recommended three new ones.

Two were Speyside single malts like my Balvenie but the third, and the one he seemed most excited about, was a 12-year Highland single malt from GlenDronach.


It’s aged in sherry casks as opposed to rum casks, but I like the concept. So I got it. With the coupon, it came out to about $20 less than my Balvenie making me feel even less guilty. 


This should be fun!

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