A few weeks ago, on recommendation from my now former next door neighbor (he moved; he didn’t die), I downloaded the SkyView app [iOS paid | iOS free | find you own Android link].


Basically it’s an AR (Augmented Reality) based app that shows the location of stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and space detritus like rocket bodies against where they’re actually located in the sky in real-time. 

I’ve used it every now and then since downloading to identify a star or see what constellations might be visible here and there. 

Tonight, though, while checking it out in bed, I noticed that the International Space Station (ISS) was just above our southern horizon line.


I thought about going out to see it but realized it would’ve been below the roofline of our neighbors’ houses. So I stayed in bed. 

Then I started tracking what its path would be for the evening and realized just how fast that thing moves. It was above all the houses in our neighborhood in under 30 seconds. 

So the three of us rushed outside and saw this...


Yes, that little white speck by the tree is the ISS.

Honestly, it was much more magnificent with the naked eye than with my camera. There was at least two or even three visible light sources on it and it was zipping! I mean it crossed the sky and disappeared out of sight in the northeast in a minute or two. 

I’m sure many of you are old hats with these stargazing apps and have seen the ISS many times in the past. I never have. This was a first. It just never dawned on me to try looking. 

Now I’m hooked! 

Plus it has some humorous potential to it. For example, tonight I told Nathan there was a snake in our bed about to eat his foot! 


Even after learning the truth, he didn’t appreciate the joke. 

Additionally, the other day, I told our neighbor to watch out because “You’re about to step on Uranus!” Sorry, I didn’t screen cap that one. 

Sophomoric humor. The best kind. 

I think I may go get the paid version of this app. With all the fun I’ve been having, it’s worth the $1.99 to support the developer. 

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Kazza the Blank One

ISS Spotter, by Martin van Mierloo

Suzanne Apgar

Thanks for the info on the Star Gazer Ap. We'll use it tonight. Also, thanks for bringing Nathan over. He is such a sweet boy!!


@kazza Ah, cool. But I want something that does more than just that one feature. Still a cool option.

@Suzanne you're welcome on both counts.

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