Macro Monday 2020.27...

I was happy with the turnout on last week’s #MiniMusicMonday challenge photo. Two people got it within 15 seconds of each other. Yes... seconds! But the winner was Stephen H. Sorry, Amanda. 


No hints this week. I don’t think any are needed. Not even one more time. 


I’m a sucker for hints. Sorry. 

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Video: F8...

Jul 5
This video was all Nathan’s idea. He wanted to do a full LEGO set build in time lapse. Of course it had to be the set I got for Father’s Day meaning that my set build got delayed to whenever...
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Taped 19...

Jul 7
I’m going to do something that hasn’t been done here in nearly seven months. Nope, not since December 17. It’s Taped! Number 19! Honestly, though, it’s taken that long for me to throw together something worthy of a post. 20...


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