Remember when MySpace was the shit? Everyone wanted a piece of it and so many were on it and did everything within their power to make their personal homepage look like the worst possible piece of HTML garbage?

Those were fun times. Until they weren't.

And now it seems as though no one wants to remember it. Not even spellcheck.


No respect, I tell ya. No respect.


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Jul 16
A few weeks ago, on recommendation from my now former next door neighbor (he moved; he didn’t die), I downloaded the SkyView app [iOS paid | iOS free | find you own Android link]. Basically it’s an AR (Augmented Reality)...
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Jul 18
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Kazza the Blank One

I avoided clicking through to MySpace abominations at all costs - if you weren't blasted with hideous html you were blasted with hideous NOISE. Part of the reason I refused to join facebook back in the day was because I thought it was the next myspace.


@kazza Oh, Facebook still is the next MySpace. Just with less design control. But a lot more noise in the sense of spam and autostarting videos and other general BS.

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