I've been following the news of more and more states defying Republican hopes (prayers?) and instituting vote-by-mail full scale for the November General Election. It's been very good for my heart and soul to see this happening. 

But it has made me wonder how I would go about doing it here in Illinois. I've never voted by mail before. Never looked into it even. I've always just liked the process of going to the polling station either the day of the election or early voting. Just something "feel good" about being there and doing that in person.

But for November? Nope. I don't want to be anywhere near those crowds. I wouldn't touch them with a ten-meter cattle prod (with apologies to Dr. Ray Stantz).

So I did some cursory investigation and couldn't find anything that decisively stated how to go about it. I gave up for a bit figuring more details would be forthcoming.

And they were!

Today, in fact. Katie and I each got a letter from our County Clerk's Office with details about voting by mail and registering online to receive a ballot. The mailing even had a paper application and return envelope for those people with no reliable internet connection. 


Without even asking for it, the county sent out the necessary information for mail voting to every. single. voting. age. resident. of. the. county.

Way to go, Kane County!

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