How many times have you been seduced by a bot? Anybody who currently is or has ever been part of a social media network knows what I’m talking about here.

I mean those fake accounts, usually created by some automated source that have no real-life person at the other end, that send out bulk messages that read something akin to “I’m looking for a real man (woman, cyborg, etc.) to have a relationship with!” And the message contains a URL they expect you to click on that presumably triggers a Trojan horse or virus or one-to-one conversation with a Nigerian prince! 

And you typically just click delete. Unless you’re me and you get out your mental red pen and correct their spelling and grammar.

I’m accustomed to those sorts of messages arriving in my inbox in the truly “social” services such as Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and TikTok and even MySpace back in the day. The services where you do talk with others. In these services, the spam messages run wild. You can tag them as spam, but they’ll still find a loophole in the system. 

But I’ve also learned that there are some services where these sorts of communications just don’t happen. Would I expect bot-initiated come-ons on LinkedIn? No, not really. Although I can’t logically explain why.

Another service where I don’t expect this to happen is Goodreads, a book review/recommendation service. There is a very low-grade social aspect to it that many don’t really use. And yet...


Hi, Lakeisha Butts. Nice to meet you! Man, they don’t even try to mask the Russian TLD. Ballsy.

Hey look! It’s not even a blurry, low-res profile photo! 


I guess bookworms get lonely, too, eh?

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Kevin Spencer

Between the name, Lakeisha Butts (really?), the Russian URL, and the actual photo (because someone who looks like that would totally need to post on Goodreads). Who falls for this? Wow.


And yet there must be someone or they wouldn’t do it, right?

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