TBT: Handcrafted...

Seeing as I finished another handmade project for our home...


Yes, all that pipe and wood that you may or may not have seen on Instagram was used to make a pair of steampunk-inspired shelves and a hand towel rack for our downstairs bathroom (they call these "powder rooms," but I hate that name).

...I thought it would be cool to take a Throwback Thursday-look at one of my first projects for this house. A bookshelf we still use upstairs in our hallway dating back to 2006.



Admittedly, it doesn't look nearly as neat and organized these days. We've also considered repainting it since we no longer have the orange and yellow color scheme on the walls or the stained wood ledge around the hallway.

It is cool to look at all the books we once owned. We have since traded, sold, or donated about 95% of what I can actually make out in this photo. 

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Kevin Spencer

That's so cool.


Thanks, man!

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