Because I get my prescriptions from Walgreens, I’m subscribed to every email under the sun that they send out. Typically, I delete them sight unseen. But one came in today with the following subject line that caught my attention immediately...


I opened it and saw a graphic that held my attention further.


It’s animated to show the door closing on the young woman leaving her in the inky blackness of an otherwise abandoned doctor’s office. It’s a powerful image and it compelled me to actually click on the link to check out the associated webpage

While I’ve heard or read some of the information about racism in healthcare presented by Walgreens, it’s pretty mind blowing to see it all laid out so bare. Especially the stats.

Black Americans are:

  • 1.7 times more likely to be hospitalized
  • 2.2 times more likely to die as infants
  • 80 percent more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes
  • Up to 60 percent more likely to have high blood pressure
  • 40 percent more likely to die of breast cancer
  • 20 percent more likely to have visual impairments
  • 20 percent more likely to report psychological distress
  • 50 percent less likely to receive counseling or mental health treatment

You can’t argue stats like this.

I highly recommend this article

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