Joe Kamala...

It’s official! Joe Biden’s running mate for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election is California Senator and former Attorney General Kamala Harris. 


[image courtesy of The Hill]

Assuming all things go as expected, the ballots in November will feature Biden and Harris on the Democratic side versus Cheeto and Mother’s Boy on the Republican half. 

So, um, yeah, #TeamBidenHarris, y’all!


Are they the perfect candidates? No. There is no such thing as the “perfect candidates.” Even when the Democratic slate featured 20-odd potential candidates, there wasn’t a single one that checked all the boxes for me. Honestly, in my whole history of following elections and then voting in them, I’ve never been happy with my choices. 

This is the way. 

I will, however, get behind them. Kamala moreso than Joe. 

But guess what, Joe and Kamala are the only ones that can take back the White House from the jackasses currently occupying it. So if you want them out, you know what to do. 

Make mine Joe and Kamala. 


And if you’re still upset your horse wasn’t chosen, get over it. If you bother wasting your vote on a write-in or a last-ditch effort to get Bernie in office or, God forbid, Kanye, save us all the confusion over your intentions and just cast your vote for Trump, okay? That’s what you’re effectively doing, so just do it already.

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