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Tu(n)esday: Attitude...

Aug 25
Just trying to live the Joe Strummer ideal. Okay, I’m old. I’m so not punk that I’ve practically punked the punk ideal. Is there anything more punk than punking punk? Maybe I am punk after all! Or I’m just delusional....
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TBT: Eclipse...

Aug 27
Three years and six days ago was the big-deal solar eclipse that everyone and their dog across North America stopped to check out at some point during their day. Yes, this included myself and some coworkers at the job I’d...


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Kevin Spencer

Those photos are awesome.

And you're so right about social media turning into something less than uplifting. Doomscrolling is a phrase I hear more and more. So I applaud any attempt to make it a little more light hearted and fun.


Doomscrolling? I like the name! I will do what I can to counter it.

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