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Kevism: Dusty...

Sep 20
I was considering an outfit to wear tomorrow for a presentation I’m making on Zoom to a client. I dug around in my closet to find a collared shirt. Of all the things that can happen to clothing — worn,...
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Tu(n)esday: Uniquely...

Sep 22
One of my favorite things about cassettes is finding ones that are not available in other media formats or on streaming services. This tends to happen a lot with hits albums and original soundtracks (OST) and other sorts of compilations....


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Kevin Spencer

Ohhh. Finally I know one. With you firing these into the void everywhere I never really know where best to reply. So let's pick here!

Echo & The Bunnymen - Songs To Learn & Sing

Great album.


This is officially the first Macro Monday to be guessed correctly in all places where it has been posted!

Oh wait. No Facebook yet.

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