I began reading Black Panther comics years ago as part of the Marvel Knights sub-branding. I loved Marvel Knights and read several titles. Even for heroes I’d never previously checked out. 

I stopped after MK. But I picked it back up when author Ta-Nehisi Coates rebooted the series a handful of years back. 

I’ve tried to get other friends into it but many are hesitant — just like I normally would be — because of the risk of jumping on-board a long-running series partway through. 

Now, however, y’all have no excuse! 

Marvel and Comixology are running a promotion offering free Black Panther comics in honor of the passing of Chadwick Boseman, T’Challa embodied.

Coates’ runs, Marvel Knights, 1970s series, Civil War, you name it!



256 comics in all! 100% free!

I cannot recommend this offer enough. So much good stuff. And be tenacious. Their servers are getting overloaded a lot. Go back a few times if you have to. 

Time to get reading!

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