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As this Summer season is quickly coming to an end, I thought it might be fun to do a Throwback Thursday to the end of Summer 2017 when we bought Nathan his first bike. 


Yup, we bought that for him three years ago. And it didn’t get used at all.

It was taken back in the summer of 2018 for a fix because we discovered it was very poorly built and, instead of fix it, Toys ‘r’ Us swapped it out for a brand new one because they were on the verge of shutting their doors forever and just didn’t care. And it still sat there.

Summer 2019 saw no use because Nathan had zero desire to learn to ride. We pushed and prodded and nada.

Finally, this year, we forced him to learn. When his bike sat, so did ours and we wanted to go riding. Katie did some research and watched some videos and figured out that removing the training wheels and pedals might work. And it did. He was riding within days!

And he didn’t stop all summer. 

Of course the bike is too small now. We’ll need to get him a new one. And they’re expensive as hell now. Stupid pandemic. 

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