I’d like to dedicate this post to the woman of my dreams. Still the woman of my dreams after 19 years of marriage as we are celebrating today. 


I wish that we were celebrating like we did nine years ago, pre-responsibilities. Alas, we will soon. So long as COVID goes away as well. 


I love you forever. 

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Macro Monday 2020.41...

Oct 12
For the second time, my old HS friend, Stacey (@anyankgoldilocks on IG) nailed the #minimusicmonday challenge photo with Janet Jackson from the album janet. I’m really kinda curious who will get this one. It’s kind of a deep cut from...
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Oct 14
Katie gave me my anniversary gift today. It's an Amazon Fire HD 8+ (2020 model year) tablet. Back in 2011, she and I each got iPad 2s and we loved them. After a few years, they kinda became Nathan's mobile...


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Marty Mankins

Happy Anniversary you two.


Thank you!

Suzanne Apgar

Love you guys and hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Love your perspective on the GG Bridge.


Happy Anniversary!



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