After reading about it for months and hearing the raves from friends and coworkers and god only knows who else, Katie and I are finally digging into Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. 


Yes, it’s as good as they say. We’re almost through season one and cracking up repeatedly. 


Dan Levy is a freaking genius as are Annie Murphy and Emily Hampshire. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara? When aren’t they good? 


“Little muscles like Corn Nuts.” The show is just gold. 

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Kevism: Blox...

Oct 2
Roblox... I don’t get it. Not one bit. But Nathan and all his cousins play it and love it, so I guess that’s cool?
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Oct 4
Guess what? We’ve got another #PandemicProject in the bag! I think that makes five projects during the pandemic and six total this year... renovating Nathan’s bathroom, repainting Nathan’s bedroom, refinishing the patio table and chairs, front door bench, bathroom shelves,...


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I feel like the only person who didn’t get into that show. Did you like it right away or did it take a few episodes?


The first few episodes were rough but had enough promise that Katie was willing to keep going. By about episode five or six, she was LOLing. She was sold by the end of episode six.

Kevin Spencer

My wife loves this show. I watched the first few with her and didn't quite get into it. Maybe I should go back and try them again if they get better by episode 5 or 6.


Katie and I enjoyed the first few episodes but they were a bit rough and the laughs were awkward. But, yeah, between a third and halfway through the season, it catches steam. We’re almost done with season two now and we’re laughing out loud. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

Suzanne Apgar

Hasn't it been cancelled?


Not canceled. They ended after six seasons. Finished the story. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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