Guess what? We’ve got another #PandemicProject in the bag! I think that makes five projects during the pandemic and six total this year... renovating Nathan’s bathroom, repainting Nathan’s bedroom, refinishing the patio table and chairs, front door bench, bathroom shelves, desk, and now this... 


We started with an IKEA 2x4 Kallax cube set and we plopped it down in the garage.


We sized up some boards that we stained and polyurethaned last weekend and clamped them down.



Then I took the massive 3.5” hex bolts that apparently do not exist anywhere but in Swedish custom furniture kits (including Menards, which is quite the feat) and drove them through the new birds and back into the cube set.


Then I completed assembly.


We moved them back in the house and all was right with the world. Would you call that a “wrap” or a “surround” or a “Kallax burrito” or what?

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Oct 3
After reading about it for months and hearing the raves from friends and coworkers and god only knows who else, Katie and I are finally digging into Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. Yes, it’s as good as they say. We’re almost...
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Oct 5
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I don’t know what you call it except very nice! It really elevated the look of the piece.


Thank you very much!

Suzanne Apgar

You guys have done a fantastic job with your projects!! We are very impressed!!


Thank you!--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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