Katie gave me my anniversary gift today. It's an Amazon Fire HD 8+ (2020 model year) tablet. 

Back in 2011, she and I each got iPad 2s and we loved them. After a few years, they kinda became Nathan's mobile entertainment with what little life remained both in the battery and the age of the model. When he won his iPad Mini 4 a few years ago, our iPad 2s were relegated to the Dead Tech pile. 

Earlier this pandemic, Katie realized what a funk she was in when it came to reading. She used to tear through as many as four books per week and was having trouble getting even one done in a month. She started researching eReaders in the hopes that maybe one of those would help her with reading. She made the decision to go with Amazon's entry-level color tablet mostly because it made it more fun for her to use her tablet for Nathan's books that are, as expected, chock full of color imagery. 

The tablet did the trick. Within a couple weeks, she had torn through nearly a dozen books that she picked up from our library via Overdrive.

As you all know, I've had my own issues with reading this year. While starting up my Libroqueue posts has helped, I wasn't sure how long it would continue. So she offered to get me my own Fire knowing that, if nothing else, I would use it for full-color comic book reading, especially since I picked up those 256 free Black Panther books back when Chadwick Boseman passed away (as much as I may have claimed to like using Comixology on my iPhone 7+ and 10R, it's just not the same and my comic reading has suffered immensely).

We waited until the time and price were right and that just happened to be yesterday, on our anniversary, which coincided with day 1 of Prime Days on Amazon. 

My tablet was more than $30 off the original price, bringing the price down to $75, so we ordered it, a case, and a screen protector and they all arrived today! I guess Prime Shipping is working again, eh?


The good news? I dig it. I've got apps downloaded for most of my reading. I have found some books to check out. I've even started reading one of them and am about 40% of the way through the first Chronicles of Narnia book - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (FTR, yes, I know it's a very brief book and an easy read, but it's one I've been wanting to check out for some time and it was available on Overdrive, so... win!).

Let's see how this goes!

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