Planning ahead can be a good thing. It allows you time to get all your proverbial ducks in a row and, if you fail at it, it allows enough time to plan alternative approaches to resolving the issue. 

But there is a line between planning ahead and going full-bore lunatic fringe kee-RAZY in the name of thinking toward the future. 

That line was officially crossed by my son’s school district today when we got a letter in the mail that said this...


As a note: Middle School around these parts spans sixth through eighth grade.

My son is not even halfway through second grade.

A couple months ago, they couldn’t even decide what the plan would be for school THIS YEAR!

We didn’t have his teacher assignment for second grade until a week before he was to head back.

They’re still tweaking their plans this year as we got an email the other day saying that, moving forward, all half days would be remote learning days no matter what the schedule.

And now they’re suddenly planning nearly four years down the line? 

Is this a joke? Do I need to contact Supernintendo Chalmers for the punchline?


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