I don’t usually read Rolling Stone magazine. At least not since I canceled my subscription way back in the mid-aughts. That’s not to say they don’t, on occasion, have an article I’d like to read and then I do.

That happened today. Two really good articles happened to fall amidst their virtual pages — one about the rebirth of AC/DC and the upcoming release of POWER UP


and the other a talk with Gene Simmons of Kiss all about Eddie Van Halen


While the articles were great reads, I think I have a new reason why I don’t read Rolling Stone and it has everything to do with their ad sales department.

The page is seemingly fully loaded and I’ll scroll to a section to read but it will keep jumping around as unevenly cropped ads will scroll into view making the rest of the page adjust on the fly. And they’ll be ads that are already scrolled off screen. I won’t ever see them but they still load and totally trash my user experience.

Never mind other ads that fly in from off screen and cover what I’m reading and disable scrolling or ones that don’t properly load and cause the page to error out so I have to reload the whole damn thing.

Oh, and when I went back to try to get a screen capture of one of these advertising fusterclucks, I was met with this...


I know this is not just a problem with Rolling Stone. It has everything to do with the web in general, but... ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!

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