After four or more years with no signs of mice in our house whatsoever, we discovered we likely had at least one. There were bite marks in the fruit we had in a basket on our shelves. 

Katie called and gave me the bad news as I was returning yesterday from a failed attempt to obtain a new driver’s license and Real ID at our local DMV (more on that later). She also asked me to stop at a store and get some traps. 

I got eight of my beloved Victors.


The dude makes a seriously solid and effective trap!

And blather all you want about cruelty, I check these traps as soon as I hear them snap and nothing was ever suffering or even remotely alive. I’ve killed nearly two dozen mice over the years with these things. 

Since the little pest(s) seemed so intrigued by the pears in the basket, we cut up some chunks and used them as bait. I put out four traps in the normal spots where I’ve always caught them in the past and, within an hour, SNAP!

None of the other three caught anything and they were left out overnight. I’m thinking it was a random entry when we didn’t shut the door in time. But, just in case, we’ll put some traps out for a few more days to test the theory. 

The Great White Mouse Hunter is back, baby!

Oh, and so is the carcass hunter. I didn’t want to deal with the mousy mess so I just threw it all in the backyard last night. This morning, not only was the mouse gone, so was the trap. Something was hungry!

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Suzanne Apgar

If you don't want to reuse the traps, just place the baited trap in a brown sandwich bag. When it gets him, just throw the whole thing away.


That’s a cool idea.


Glad you like it! 

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 2:49 PM Kevin Apgar <[email protected]> wrote:

That’s a cool idea.

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