12 days ago marked the 10th anniversary of the public launch of Instagram, the photo sharing app that took over the world in very short order. 

Today marks my 10th anniversary as a user of that service. It’s probably also the closest I’ve ever come to being a so-called “early adopter.”

I’ve had my ups and downs with the app — changes in privacy rules, acquisition by Facebook, addition of Stories and other blatantly ripped-off features — but I’ve never left. I’ve tried other apps but I always wind up coming to the ‘Gram.

I now have two accounts, my original (@kapgar) with 4,948 images and my secondary (@yonduonterra started this past March) with a mere 89.

In honor of their anniversary and my own with their app, here’s my very first posted image.


It’s a Ball jar I had in my old office filled with those smooshed glass marbles. I can’t tell by looking at it if it’s just the jar and marbles or it’s back when it was growing some bamboo. 

Oh, and did you know you can now change your Instagram app icon? Go to Settings in the app and pull down slowly on your screen to see your options. They have their old icons available...

93FCC1F9-E66A-4606-8B45-FEEF5F7628B7 well as some cool new ones...


I’m using Classic but may change to Pride.

I like fun Easter eggs. 

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