Macro Monday 2020.42...

Longtime friend and first-time correct guesser LeSombre, the fluffy pancake fiend, correctly guessed last week’s #MiniMusicMonday. Rejoice! 


Allegations have been leveled against me that my #minimusicmonday challenges are sometimes too easy. This one will be too. Sorry.


It shall be left unsaid that I’ll be back in seven days with the answer. 

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Oct 18
12 days ago marked the 10th anniversary of the public launch of Instagram, the photo sharing app that took over the world in very short order. Today marks my 10th anniversary as a user of that service. It’s probably also...
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Oct 20
Just as I’ve been saying that they both need to and should do, the State of Illinois is firing up a resurgence mitigation plan for dealing with a pretty major flare up of COVID-19 cases in a regions 7 and...


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