Just as I’ve been saying that they both need to and should do, the State of Illinois is firing up a resurgence mitigation plan for dealing with a pretty major flare up of COVID-19 cases in a regions 7 and 8 around the Chicagoland area. This will begin on Friday, October 23.


Here are some of the high, er, lowlights of the plan:

  • Restaurants and bars must all close by 11 p.m. every night with no indoor dining at all (and we’re having a cold snap) and there must be reservations for each and every patron, I’d assume to help contact tracing efforts. 
  • Public gatherings are being rolled back from 50 to 25 or 25% of the capacity of a location, whichever is lower. This includes funerals. And why they were ever as high as 50 is beyond me. 

I pray that this will keep people home again. 

I pray this will get people to wear masks ANYTIME they’re out in public even with friends and family they know (and we know who doesn’t do this because people still post to social media!).

I pray this gets people to start doing what they never should have stopped doing in the first place. 

Will it? I truly doubt it because we are humans and we are inherently selfish asses who don’t care about anyone but ourselves. Even to the detriment of the lives of those around us. 


“The simple fact is that our state is heading in the wrong direction. Cases and hospitalizations are rising and it’s because people aren’t worried about it.” Dr. Ngozi Ezike

None of us like what’s happening. None of us like having to be non-social and not see our friends and family and coworkers and whatnot. But guess what? It’s what we have to do!

Oh, and just because you don’t live in region 7 or 8 or even in Illinois doesn’t mean you get a pass on my rage. Your time will come. Keep acting like you are and watch as your case count rises. Region 5, in Southern Illinois, rolls back starting Thursday.

COVID-19 is real, people! 

You all want the pandemic to end? Do your damn part

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I’ve had to mute/unfollow people on Facebook because seeing them posting pictures hanging out with friends and family like there’s not a pandemic going on angers me. I fear their luck is going to run out.


It’s maddening, isn’t it?--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar |

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