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What’s the oldest photo in the Photo Roll (or whatever they call it on an Android)?

I don’t keep a lot on my phone. I back up to the cloud a lot just to get things off of here and free up space. While it’s not as important to clear space since I don’t have music and movies on my device anymore, it became a hard habit when I had a much more limited capacity phone.

So I really only keep essentials on here. Translation: family stuff.

This is the first at about five years and a month...


This, however, is the “oldest” but has a newer date because of a re-download making it look newer. 


And you?

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I use iCloud Photo Library, so I effectively have all of my photos in my camera roll, including some scanned photos from before I was born.


I’m using iCloud too by default. But I still go in and delete a bunch of them all the time because a big chunk of photos I take are intended for one-time use or are part of a flurry of shots I take in order to find that one perfect shot I want to keep. And then I back up to Amazon Photos for redundancy. But I still don’t really go back much farther than 2015 on iCloud because I don’t think it existed prior to that or it was still in its infancy and I did t trust it or some such. I dunno. --

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com


Well, I have all of my photos on my Mac in iCloud Photo Library as well, which is why scanned photos, plus all the photos from digital cameras going back to 1999 are there. Let’s see... 64,461 photos and 441 videos. I usually delete one-time use photos. I sometimes delete the lesser photos from a batch. I really like having quick-and-easy access to my entire library from all of my devices. Well, not my watch, as it only holds a limited number from my “Favorites” album.


That’s a lot of photos. Dang. And I didn’t realize Apple Watches stores and displayed photos.

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