I would’ve sworn I talked about it here, but I can’t find it. Anyway, this past January, I was trying to swap out the guts of the toilet in Nathan’s bathroom when I shattered the C-PVC water feed into the toilet from the wall.

The kicker? I shattered it behind the valve. So it just gushed water until we shut off the main shutoff valve to the house. The bathroom had an inch of water, it came out into the hallway and soaked the carpet a bit. It ran through the floor vent and downstairs through the main wall intake register dousing the living room wall and our wood flooring as well as leaking into the furnace and burning out the pilot light and dousing the circuit board. It also leaked through into our garage. 

It was a helluva night.

We were without water for a couple days while Katie’s dad and I fixed it all. Then we turned everything back on again and it was good. 

Then Katie and I decided it was as good a time as any to start our long-planned renovation of that bathroom. So it was out of commission for a couple of months while we did everything to it.

Then it became temporary storage for some containers of Nathan’s old stuff. 

Then the new toilet guts went bad and I had to shut off the valve in the bathroom again. 

Finally, we got all the containers out and I swapped out the guts this afternoon. It took me more than a month to convince myself to do it, as the last time I tried, I started a small flood. You’ll excuse me if I was a little guy shy after that. 

But it’s all finally done and I’ve got photos to share. 


A shot of the new sink and mirror from taken from the tub.


That corner was not fun to panel against but it turned out nicely.


We love this blue-white contrast. 


We custom built the paneling on our own. It’s not wainscoting or anything. Plywood with pine strips layered on top and a custom chair rail along the top.


We already had the faucet but the sink was new and we did some penny tiles along the back and side splash.


The full new vanity and sink and the toilet paper rack I added today as well.


And the toilet that started the whole damned affair. The stupid thing works. Finally.

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The bathroom came out really great, and what's nice is it's not overly kid-centric that you will have to do much other than change the shower curtain when Nathan is older.


That was the plan. I never want to renovate that bathroom again.  And thanks!--

Kevin Apgar | @kapgar | kapgar.com

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