I knew it was coming. We all knew it was coming. That didn’t make it any easier, though, when this popped up on my phone earlier this afternoon...


Here’s the associated information from that link.

All because human beings are anything but human. Or humane. Or considerate. Or compassionate. 

They are selfish pricks. And they’re killing us because they don’t want to interrupt their daily routine by wearing masks or staying home. 

For the love of life, folks, STAY HOME! If you must go out, limit trips, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Then GO HOME immediately afterwards. Please! This is not a Democrat thing. It’s not a Republican thing. It’s a HUMAN THING! 

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Nov 19
Like I’m sure so many parents of young ones try to do (unless you’re Donald Trump and likely don’t give a damn what your youngest son sees and hears you do), we try to limit our swearing around Nathan. Additionally,...
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Nov 21
Today is a pretty darn big day for my family. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary! In this day and age — oh heck, in any day and age — that’s a huge accomplishment. I’m both proud and in...


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Unfortunately we are pleading to willfully ignorant and deaf ears.


Sad, isn’t it?

Marty Mankins

We have our share of pricks/anti-maskers here in Utah. We did so well over the summer, and then once school started (at least that's the timing of it), the anti-maskers came out in droves, and obviously without masks on. Our numbers spiked. Those of us that are trying to do the rights things, it makes it hard when our efforts appear to be wasted. Which I know they are not.

Keep on keeping on.


Keep on keeping on is about all we can do anymore.

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