I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before or not, but Nathan loves music. Not just listening to music, he loves singing and he’s got a really good memory for song lyrics. 

His current obsession is the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack he loves a handful of songs from it and has practically memorized three tracks word for word. And he’s cute as hell when he sings... which is all the time. 

Now he’s interested in branching out. He has expressed a desire to learn to play guitar. 


The failed guitarist in me is thrilled.

Yeah, I “played” but not at all well. Ten years. I owned three electric and one acoustic guitars and one electric bass in that time. Yet I only learned three songs and noodled a bit. But I never learned to read music or do anything that would be even remotely worthy of playing in public. 

But I always loved the idea of being a guitar player. And I hope Nathan has better success with it than I did. 

However, I won’t lie and say that a part of me doesn’t want to learn alongside him. Do it right this time. And with motivation.

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Marty Mankins

Motivation in the form of your son is a great thing. Also, Dave Grohl never learned how to read music, so there is that level of motivation as well.


Neither did Jimi Hendrix.

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